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      1. Our Story


        At Bright Future, we strive to advance research and development towards building a diversified portfolio, providing affordable healthcare solutions with uncompromising quality and improving the quality of life for patients across the world. We put the wellbeing of life first. Our vision is to bring brighter lives and better futures to people all over the world.
        Our extensive value chain covers everything from R&D to registration, manufacturing, marketing and sales. Our pharmaceutical products treat every kind of medical condition in areas ranging from dermatology and orthopedics to respiratory health, pediatrics, geriatrics and gynecology. We have a steady focus on superior customer service delivered through our culture of excellence that includes more than 6,000 employees worldwide. Our team is dedicated to excellence in research and development, manufacturing and commercialization of medicines, health supplements and daily necessities.
        Bright Future’s knowledgeable team is skilled at collaboration across departments and countries, building strong partnerships with scientists, labs, medical groups, pharmacies and patient organizations. It is through these critical partnerships that we are able to deliver the best products and services to the people who need them while helping us to constantly improve our operations, expand our reach, and optimize our customer communication.
        As Bright Future grows as a global pharmaceuticals company, we continue to build on our value-added pharmaceutical services, optimizing our value chain by adding new professional services in all areas of the process of developing and selling pharmaceutical products, from market research to production. Using cutting-edge technology and production models, we are able to help our partners manufacture the highest quality pharmaceutical products so that they can deliver products and services trusted by a global clientele. We are committed to corporate responsibility through our charitable efforts. Believe that together, we will make the world brighter and futures better for all people.

        Our Vision

        Brighter Life Better Future

        Our Mission

        Committed to improving quality of life by offering excellent pharmaceutical products and services

        Our Values

        SINCERITY: We act with our hearts for mutual success.
        SPEED: We keep our pace with changes of the world
        IMPLEMENTATION: We work together with passion to make things happen
        INNOVATION: We take steps to go beyond the boundary to make a difference
        Message from the General Manger
        Thank you for visiting Bright Future’s corporate website. We pride ourselves on our vision of a ‘Brighter Life, Better Future’.
        Our journey started from 1993 in Hong Kong. Today, we have grown into a global enterprise with more than 6,000 people in over 12 countries, with four R&D centres and four manufacturing sites around the globe. Our business covers research and development, production, distribution, and sales and marketing for pharmaceutical products and health products.
        Bright Future strives to lead the healthcare industry, prioritising science, technology, and human capital as well as corporate culture.
        With the support of all members, we have continued our quality production and implemented our result-oriented management system. Our management system is achieved with all the necessary refinement, normalisation and standardisation.
        Furthermore, we continue to explore new opportunities in the healthcare sector and to offer solutions on pharmaceutical alternatives to patients, in order to benefit people’s well-being.
        By combining R&D with innovative resources around the world, we work diligently to introduce affordable products for our patients and their families.
        On behalf of all of us at Bright Future, I would like to sincerely thank for your continued support
        Dr. Jane Zhang

        General Manger and Director of the Board
        Corporate Story
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