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        Want to help drive the success of a global pharmaceutical company?
        If you’re a talented, hard-working student, recent graduate or experienced professional with a killer work ethic and a passion for health care, we want to hire you! When you join the Bright Future team, you’ll be creating brighter futures for people around the world looking to improve their health while making your own future brighter by building your healthcare career. Bright Future employees enjoy being part of a fast-paced, global corporate culture that allows them to become immersed in fascinating and fun experiences with colleagues from all backgrounds and walks of life. We are working together to make the world better and we love what we do.
        Sound like something you might like? If so, read on to learn about current career opportunities with Bright Future.
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        Welcome to Bright Future!
        Whatever you’re a fresh graduate or experienced professionals, we will strive together in a team of mutual respect, understanding and trust, you’ll be creating “brighter life and better future” for people around the world looking to improve their health.
        We are committed to improving quality of life by offering excellent pharmaceutical products and services. ‘Brighter Life Better Future’ is our commitment to our society. It has been our tireless pursuit for nearly 30 years. We will continue to be faithful to this mission and responsibility.
        To fulfill the mission and responsibilities of Bright Future, we must pool various kinds of professionals. To attract professionals, we must maintain our values and culture that can be recognized by the talents. We strive to maintain a fair playing field for all our colleagues within a culture whose core values are ‘sincerity, speed, implementation and innovation’.
        Bright Future intends that the talents and wisdom of all colleagues are fully utilized. We look forward to seeing you work hard and shine on the stage. All who strive have equal access to opportunities. The company will identify and recognize your contribution and dedication. Your growth requires not only your own hard work and the company's support and tolerance, but also collaborative efforts and mutual learning. I hope you can actively learn from others, and selflessly support others so that you can cooperate with them and grow rapidly.
        Please keep in mind that Bright Future will never promote someone with no practical?experience to a management position. So, please adhere to the pragmatic work ethic of Bright Future, take everything in your work seriously, and consolidate every step of your career carefully.
        Please bear in mind that we encourage and support the continuous learning and development. Please work hard to learn innovating technologies and evolving management skills constantly, strive to train yourself in scientific, logical ways of thinking and professional working methods, and constantly enrich yourself to meet the challenges of the future.
        Bright Future is in a period of rapid development, and it is important for each employee to go all out in practicing the company’s development philosophy. We hope to see you adapt and thrive. Let’s together make a brighter life and better future.
        Dr. Jane Zhang
        General Manger
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