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      1. History


        As the largest mask manufacturer in Hong Kong with full supply chain management, we can manufacture 50 tons monthly capacity melt-blown fabrics with 99 and 95 standard; 54 million masks monthly capacity; manufacture 2 million bottles and 40 million sachets hand sanitizers monthly.

        The expansion will triple the semi-solid dosage production capacity at the Hong Kong plant, to meet the demands of domestic and international markets.

        With the establishment of BFI, Bright Future is poised to foster advanced technology and enhancing international perspectives of R&D. This paves the way for Bright Future to internationalization

        Bright Future's new R&D Center is a sophisticated technical infrastructure bringing together pharmaceutical talents and scientists. With expertise in oral solid and liquid, synergies are generated which increases added value for our customers.

        Bright Future Acquired manufacturing plant in Germany; Specialist for natural remedies against prostate disorders, haemorrhoids and gallstones     


        Bright Future set up the Global Business Supporting Centre in Shenzhen Bay Technology and Ecology Park. The supporting center provides different kinds of business support to offices of Bright Future in different regions so as to enhance the internal operation efficiency.

        As a model factory of pharmaceutical company in Hong Kong, accredited with PIC/S GMP, Bright Future enhanced the quality control system to the international standard and was complied with PIC/S - one of the most stringent standards of GMP. We established a comprehensive manage system to control all the production process and requirements. 

        Haikou R&D  Center is a fully integrated research laboratory, it is Bright Future’s key R&D laboratory in China.

        Bright Future expanded its business to North America and Africa. The regions expansion was a big step of Bright Future’s global business development.

        Bright Future set up another health product manufacturing factory in Los Angeles, USA. This factory provides modernized manufacturing facilities for BF Suma, our health product line.

        Bright Future was accredited with GMP certification. Bright Future was the first batch of pharmaceutical manufacturers that accredited the GMP certification by the Department of Health in Hong Kong.

        The headquarters of Bright Future is moved to the current location in Yuen Long.

        Bright Future set up another pharmaceutical factory in Hainan, China. The total area of the factory is about 350,000 sq. feet.

        Bright Future entered the market in China; officially started the development of the rapidly growing mainland market.

        Bright Future was established in Hong Kong SAR, China. The first factory was located in Fanling while the pharmaceutical products were mainly distributed to regions in South East Asia.

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