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      1. Life at BF


        Every day, the employees at Bright Future come to work ready to meet exciting new challenges and opportunities. Our employees together make us a strong company and contribute daily to our success as an organization. Together, we work hard to create a workplace culture that is inclusive and collectively committed to achieving our vision to bring brighter lives and better futures to people all over the world.
        Community Engagement
        At Bright Future, we view community engagement and associated volunteer activities as a key component of our commitment to corporate responsibility. We actively support our local communities through our Corporate Volunteering Program. We are dedicated to fostering community engagement and volunteerism to support our local communities.
        Diverse and healthy workplace
        Bright Future is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. We want our team members to feel that they are in a safe space that honors and challenges them to be their best selves every day. We are fiercely committed to creating a workplace culture that is inclusive of all talented people interested in growing a career in the pharmaceutical industry, no matter their background. Along with our commitment to community engagement, is part of our effort to be a responsible corporate citizen.
        As part of this, we recognize that corporate responsibility rests with each and every one of us.



        Hong Kong


        To attract top talent in the pharmaceutical industry, Bright Future offers competitive compensation and a robust package of benefits that includes paid leave, housing subsidies and much more. As needed, we adjust our employees’ base salary annually to ensure we maintain a competitive advantage and offer employees rewards programmes and performance-based compensation along with an array of continuing education and professional development opportunities. We work hard to offer our employees a compensation and benefits package that makes them feel like valued contributors to Bright Future’s success.
        Though our benefits may vary by location due to changes in our business mix and shifting job roles across international borders, this breakdown offers an overview of what we typically offer our employees:
        Accidental injury protection
        Term life insurance
        Major disease support
        Employee medical insurance
        Full pay sick leave
        Family self-selection plan
        Health checkup
        Sports meeting
        H2O Mental Health Counseling
        Compensation and benefits
        Social insurance
        dorm room
        Year-end awards
        Quarterly discretionary bonus
        Overtime allowance
        Shift allowance
        Introducer bonus
        Post allowance
        Hard work award
        Transportation subsidy
        Communication subsidy
        Rental subsidy
        Computer subsidy
        High temperature subsidy
        Employee shuttle
        Free working meal
        Festival welfare
        Refreshments and dinner
        Annual leave
        paid leave
        Annual group building
        Annual departmental activities
        Mission fund
        Family open day
        Annual dinner
        Spring Festival special holiday
        Sports association
        Wedding gift
        Consolation money
        Medical condolences
        Birthday travel fund
        Birthday party
        Bright Future provides employees with accidental injury protection. If the employee is unfortunately injured, the employee will receive monthly salary protection according to the injury level.
        We cover basic insurance, medical insurance and work injury insurance for all employees along with employees who have certain material security in old age, medical care, unemployment, and work injuries.
        We provide employees with convenient commuting and overtime shuttle busses and a shuttle bus route combined with employee residences and regional features.

        Global Opportunities
        Every person faces forks in the road. We understand that career changes are sometimes a necessary part of a person’s professional journey. So we offer our employees the option to make career moves within the company. As part of this, we will assist our employees in applying to open short-term assignments as well as long-term or permanent positions that might present fresh opportunities for personal and professional growth.
        Training program
        Our talented employees form the foundation for the rapid development of Bright Future. As such, our talent development strategy is one of our core strategies. We spare no effort in improving our talent development and enhancing the company's competitiveness as a global employer in the pharmaceutical industry.
        For this reason, we have set ourselves the goal of optimally promoting, motivating and maintaining our employees. We therefore offer attractive future prospects in an international working environment. As a people-oriented company, Bright Future is committed to providing professional training to develop our colleagues through a proprietary training program with five categories and more than 100 professional courses.
        We know our employees value continuing education. So we have developed an array of in-depth professional education and training programmes for employees at all levels. These programmes are designed to improve our employee’s working knowledge of their respective fields, stay current on emerging technologies and trends, and develop themselves as future leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Our courses, seminars and workshops cover topics ranging from organization management and leadership to customer service, personal growth, and industry-specific technical and professional training topics.
        If an employee wishes to explore a topic not covered by our proprietary training courses and seminars, we encourage them to pursue outside educational opportunities that can help them grow and may offer reimbursement for any expenses incurred as they enroll in educational, training and professional development courses.
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        Life at BF
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