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      1. Operation Responsibility

        Operation Responsibility

        Bright Future includes an extensive pharmaceutical manufacturing network with research & development centres as well as global commercial operations in Asia, Africa, Europe and the North America. We consider it natural to comply with guidelines ensuring operations responsibility. At Bright Future, all employees are aware of the impact a single product can have on a person’s health. It is this basic principle that guides all of our actions in our manufacturing plants and guides us toward our vision to bring brighter lives and better futures to people all over the world.
        Affordable medicine
        Making affordable medicine accessible to all
        As modern healthcare advances, it is becoming conceivable that in the future once-deadly diseases will be manageable or even curable. At Bright Future, we want to ensure that life-saving drugs and life-improving treatments are accessible to all people. We fulfill this goal by working together with our team to guarantee that our high-caliber, high-quality pharmaceutical products are produced efficiently, allowing us to offer competitive prices.
        Our goal is to help people around the world improve their health, extend their lifespans and brighten their futures. Together with our team and our partners, we will accomplish this by working hard to make sure we go the extra mile to make pharmaceutical products affordable to everyone.
        We hold ourselves to the highest standard in whole product life cycle
        Bright Future remains committed to ensuring product quality. This commitment extends throughout our pharmaceutical product life cycle and from our labs to our manufacturing facilities; from distributions to market. At every point in the development process, our team works together to ensure the drugs, health supplements and other products we research, develop, manufacture and sell are of the highest quality possible. This commitment is part of why our products receive approvals by international regulatory authorities. Quality has been at the heart of what we do. Choose Bright Future as your preferred care partner and you know you will be in good hands at every stage of the process of developing your pharmaceutical and health care products.
        Unwavering commitment to quality
        Our commitment to quality creates returns for everyone on our value chain, from our employees to our partners and our customers. We are building a sustainable business that offers long-term value to our shareholders while improving health around the world. Through our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we have the capacity to create a wide array of superior pharmaceuticals and supplements quickly and efficiently. Each piece of equipment in our manufacturing facilities is qualified and validated by inspectors. Our materials suppliers are vetted carefully to ensure quality and we select only the highest grade materials for use with our products. We train our team to become experts in every detail of the latest safety and quality control procedures.
        Bright Future’s impeccable adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is recognized by Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S). Our pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are capable of a wide range of drug production, including every type and dosage form. Our global manufacturing sites are operated by a team of diverse talents with strong planning abilities and deep knowledge of scientific manufacturing and lab management.
        Strategic integrated supply chain
        Bright Future’s pharmaceutical supply chain is continuously reviewed for optimal performance, ensuring that our partners maintain their confidence in our operations. Through our efforts to maintain efficient and sustainable operations, we are able to manufacture a high volume of quality pharmaceutical products to meet an array of health needs.
        Business excellence
        Business Excellence (BE) is a major thrust of our efforts at continuous improvement and growth at Bright Future. Our upper management lead their teams in striving for excellence in everything we do. This is why we have introduced the Bright Future Model program, which establishes standards for uniform performance across our manufacturing facilities, business units, and regions in order to achieve Business Excellence. Through this program, we work toward reaching targets, tracking our success and documenting our best practices to share across the company. This helps our employees grow and learn and allows us to achieve excellence in all our operations.
        Environment protection
        In order for us to truly create brighter futures for everyone, it is crucial that we protect and preserve our world’s natural resources through environmental stewardship. Bright Future invests in efforts to shrink our ecological footprint and slow climate change, ensuring that the world is brighter for future generations. Part of this involves adopting environmentally responsible manufacturing processes that reduce waste and improve efficiency.
        The setup of Energy Efficiency Program Steering Committee designed the long-term energy saving and management roadmap. We identify potential energy saving in all areas of the Company and share local examples of best practice. The standard energy utilization procedures are established and trained to staff. We drive environmental risk mitigation through responsible and efficient operations. For example, during the process of building our Hainan facilities in China, we opted to install solar roofs as well as LED and motion-sensor lights along with other energy-saving initiatives. In Hong Kong, we implemented electronic flow to minimize the waste of paper and an HVAC policy for maximizing energy efficiency and improving the resilience of our operating environment as it adapts to climate change.
        In addition, preventive technology is implemented across our facilities to prevent any harmful particles from reaching the atmosphere during the production of penicillin drugs.
        Operation Responsibility
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