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      1. Social Commitment


        Good Corporate Citizenship
        Bright Futures is committed to good corporate citizenship. This includes the participation in programmes that help us educate the world about health and promoting wellness and athleticism.
        We take a three-pronged approach in corporate citizenship that includes employee volunteerism, financial support of non-government organizations (NGOs) and nonprofit organizations, and community education in areas ranging from environmental sustainability to community health and wellness in communities across the countries in which we operate.
        This is why we established the Bright Future Charity Campaign in 2016. Through our charitable efforts, 500,000 people helped, we show our collective concern for patients’ precious moment and their smiles.
        "Behind these figures are the personal stories of countless individuals whose lives have been changed for the better by our work and who can now enjoy greater health with the enhancement of healthcare services," says Dr. Jane Zhang, General Manager.
        Through our charitable partnerships, we are able to offer free clinical consultations and implement projects that improve community health and save lives. Our representatives share health knowledge by offering thousands of educational activities to promote public health throughout the year.
        Promoting healthy lifestyles
        Through “Sport for All,” Bright Future Group has been actively promoting healthy lifestyles through regular physical fitness and a scientific management model that benefits those suffering from age-related diseases such as osteoarthritis. We have been partnering with pharmacy chains since 2017 to hold the Square Dance Extravaganza across China. Through these events, hundreds of dancers team up to encourage people to protect their joints through sports and the joy of dance. We also organized a 7.5K run in Shenzhen.
        Expanding access to needy
        Free clinical consultation
        Bright Future has partnered with the China Association for Health Promotion and Education to offer free diagnostic services and public health education throughout the year on topics including allergies, hemorrhoids, respiratory health, arthritis and more.
        Osteoarthritis education
        In Mainland China, osteoarthritis is the leading cause of persistent pain. Unfortunately, many patients delay treatment due to a lack of understanding of this condition. The result is that many middle-aged and elderly people suffer from pain, limited mobility, and physical disability. Since 2016, Bright Future organised public talk series to raise public awareness of osteoarthritis and has held nearly 50 "Keep Your Joints Healthy" events at nursing homes across China - conducting free preliminary screening tests for the elders to help diagnose and treat osteoarthritis.
        Caring for people in needed
        Bright Future has been engaged in social causes worldwide for many years. The company has been actively promoting local care programmes and social charity activities while it is engaged in business activities in the local market. In Africa, we organized blood donation campaign and community-based initiatives; in Hong Kong SAR, we involving employees to contribute to our local community. We hope to bringing positive changes in the lives.
        Enabling healthcare professionals
        1000-county project
        This collaboration with the Chinese Medical Association Continuing Education Material Editorial Department aims to bridge the gap between the levels of expertise among doctors, enhancing their skills and improving patient access to treatment through 1,000 county hospitals. Through the project, Bright Future has helped send local doctors to Peking University for further study, organize top national experts to provide free consultations, offer medical training in related diseases to local doctors, and provide online training to physicians in areas such as dermatology, pediatrics, pain and respiratory diseases.
        Industry promotion
        Supporting Higher Education
        Since its establishment, Bright Future has been committed to developing talent for the pharmaceutical industry. We continue to support higher education institutions (HEI) in Hong Kong and Mainland China to improve pharmaceutical education and promote development in the industry.
        Part of this involves our "Discovering Bright Future” programme, through which we have invited Hong Kong’s pharmacy profession teachers and students to visit a pharmaceutical factory. Over the past 10 years, this programme has seen nearly 1,000 visits from students and educators.
        Bright Future Educational Training Base
        We offer a talent incubator for industrial expertise with a goal of developing talent and training experts and mentors, growing them into quality pharma personnel.
        Academic collaborations, Grants and Scholarships
        Bright Future works closely with medical professionals and researchers globally to fight against diseases and provide medical solutions where they are needed.
        Bright Future has awarded more than 800 educational grants/ scholarships to students at universities in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
        Social Commitment
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